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? president chiu: i would like to adjourn today's meeting for the victims of the earthquake in japan as well as the victims during the same few days in china. obviously, we have all seen the devastation and the tragedies, and many of us are taking part to both ensure that such a tragedy will never happen here in san francisco, and we are asking our residents to support the victims in japan. our hearts go out to them. i am also introducing legislation, along with mayor lee and supervisor malia cohen. this agreement was arrived at through negotiation with the 49ers and our recreation and parks department, which is a solution for making much-needed repairs to candlemas stadium -- candlestick stadium. this is in exchange for funding from the city. this is to make sure that our san franciscans can in -- continue to enjoy our stadium and the 49ers, and for many years to come, at candlestick park. i will submit the rest of the items. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor chiu. supervisor elsbernd? president chiu, you wanted to be called? >> thank you, madam clerk. -- supervisor chu, you wanted to b
happened recently in japan, has there been any other recent analysis, areas of weakness that we may not have thought of, that could have unintended environmental consequences? for example, the nuclear breakout in japan. they were well prepared, in comparison to other countries. i am thinking, in light of what has happened in japan -- >> that is a great question. every two years, we update our hazard mitigation plan, where we do exactly what you're asking, we tried to think ahead. we tried to think about lifelines, utilities, bridges, transit systems, things that might be vulnerable during a disaster that we ought to think about ahead of time. we update that every two years. certainly, we are monitoring events closely in japan to see what can be done to improve, and what lessons we can take for our own city. supervisor chu: thank you. why don't we open this up for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we send this item forward with recommendations? without objection. thank you. back to item
that happened last week in japan. and our hearts go out to the millions of people in japan affected by this disaster. however, a bit of good news in all of this is that schools throughout our district are collecting donations for the japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. one elementary school coordinated a potluck, a concert and an auction and ralph and were able to raise $22,000 for the japan relief fund. they deserve a round of applause. on behalf of the superintendent and the board of education, we are extremely proud of our schools and students for showing us how to be good global citizens in offering a hand of comfort to our brothers and sisters across the pacific. thank you very much. president mendoza: thank you very much deputy superintendent. our next item is item c, recognition of the resolution of accommodations and throw it back to you. >> at this point in time, i would like to call susan righter, who will present the rave distinct issued service award to a member of our community. >> i'm pleased to be here this evening on behalf of principal kevin kerr and he
are important to all of us. japan town in our district, district 5, has been engaged in a series of fund-raisers around the clock and televised in raising funds for earthquake relief in japan. president david chiu, myself, the mayor, we were in japan town for an impromptu telethon. i have to say, very well done. they did not have enough phones to accommodate just the tsunami, for lack of a better phrase, for the interest or desire for people who wanted to donate, and by the time i left, in less than one day with four hours to go, they were able to raise over $300,000, and the people who were calling in were absolutely happy to talk to somebody. they were anxious to donate, it is really very, very inspiring. how inspiring it is to see the people of japan town come together and focus how effective they are. i know supervisor kim and her staff are putting together an event tomorrow which has been well publicized. and then on friday, april 15, a friendship reception at the hotel kabuki. i went to underscore how important this is. more so, our relationship is that much more profound. san fran
to acknowledge the devastation in japan and we will rely on the women in that society to help rebuild that devastated country. i wanted to recognize carol sacko for the months of planning that you put in for today's event working very closely with you and your staff. at this time i want to invite the honorees, families and friends to join us for a brief reception with mayor lee sponsored by the friends on the commission on the status of women. thank you very much. [applause] >> if i could ask all of you who wish to attend the veppings, if you want to head out. the door's on the side. we still have official business that we need to conduct, which will start in about 30 seconds. >> if i could ask people if you could please make your way to the exit so we can carry on with our next hearing. >> madam clerk if we could call our 4:00 p.m. special order. item 26 through 29. >> [reading item 26] [reading item 27] [reading item 28] [reading item 29] >> thank you. if i could please ask folks if you could take your conversations outside. thank you very much. colleague, we have in front of us tod
.i.r. it also contains important notes about tsunami danger. the tsunami that happened in japan is a perfect way to describe what have i been trying to explain about this plodge for two years that will happen in slow motion with the water going up. well, it didn't happen in slow motion in japan. it happened in a flash. and hours away in alaska we could have a similar earthquake. we could have a similar tsunami hitting the bay and it would raise the bay by at least eight feet in that tsunami and probably more on the san francisco end but in the e-mail, i was conservative about that. with the thousands of residents that this project seeks to put on that island, there is no way that you're going to be able to get that many people off of that island in a few hours. it just won't happen. we're talking about a japan-style disaster if we proceed with this project as it is. and i get back to what i said a couple years ago about this, you need to reel this back, make this a wet wind restoration project where the sea gradually inundates into it and if it's wetland wildlife, instead of the type of wildlife
supervisor mirkarimi's feng shui comment needs to be reexamined a little closer since it deals with japan town. it seems like we might end up with the development with no 49ers, so i have a feeling that one is not going the way it should be going. i feel like the money, instead of being given to the redevelopment agency, should be given directly to the needy people in a more direct approach. it seems like lately, the more the government becomes involved in activities, the worse it gets. then, if we are going to have such a short agenda today, with only one item, i'd like to suggest that since we have all the financial wizards in this room right now, we should deal with the bond at san francisco general hospital, and hopefully, that will not cost over $1 billion. i feel that the redevelopment agency has not performed as well as advertised and the money should be used elsewhere. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. just a question for redevelopment. you had mentioned that we are go
or the attacks -- one way or the other? this is to do with japan. i am very concerned that the fire department is looking at cutting the nert program. in light of what has happened in japan, small businesses are the first responders in many situations, as well as our residents. this is not a time. i would like to know the status of the nert preparedness training. we need more of it, not less. commissioner o'conner: i'm ok. i do not have a comment. commissioner o'brien: i'm sorry. commissioner o'conner: i think it was from a previous issue. commissioner o'brien: are you sure? commissioner o'conner: once in awhile i do not have anything to say. commissioner o'brien: i have been making mistakes. i have got it all reversed. anyway. anyway, i would like to ask if it is possible, and i probably would like it on a full commission hearing because of the amount of feedback i got on it, a discussion about the proposed impact fee to go towards the sfmta that involves any transfer of real property. it is going to affect everybody. it is going to affect developers more than most. in any transfer of propert
in japan, they are supplying -- this would be indicated. there is the general public comment? general public, is closed. you will now be in recess until 1:30. >> can we come back at 2:00 so we can get some lunch? >> you will be in recess until 2:00. >> -- commissioner olague: ok. if i could remind everyone to tell -- to turn off your cell phones. i am going to call roll again. [roll call] commissioner borden? she just stepped out. commissioners, we continue items until the 1:30 component of the calendar. with that, i will call those items. item one -- the 17th and folsom park. the item is proposed for a continuance until april 14, 2011. commissioners, we have item number 14 or 45 lansing's street. the item is continued for april 14, 2011, and that is because your calendars is -- your calendars are so full, that is the first available date. i know the sponsor wanted an earlier date, but i could not accommodate that. those continuances are in your hands. commissioner olague: is there any public comment on items proposed for continuance? >> commissioner steve atkinson for the 45 lansing
gotten from a couple others. in japan tel, there was a new karaoke bar. it was basically an old carry a keyboard that changed ownership. we did a little bit of education, -- it was an old karaoke bar. and last, the only incident we have the we have not gotten a police report on yet was an assault and stabbing in the mission area, and the interesting thing is that at this time, one, we are not sure about the nexus between that and the surrounding bars, and two, we are not sure if the bar have a permit in the first place. this may not be in our purview at all. we are just waiting for more information at this time, and that is all i have. thank you. president newlin: commissioners, any questions? any items from the public? seeing none, we will move on to item four. none. all right, item number five, a hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment division. item a, artura angulo, dba southtown arcade, 447 stockton. >> a retail store on the union square side. as i understand, it will have local art from local artists and st. cult
of in japan town, they were under a different land use zoning control system and part of what was allowed for was that on the fillmore corridor south of gary boulevard in the heart of the western addition was that if a business or a company that owned property wanted to have a storefront property not used for retail purposes, then they could have office space. if you go down filmore, and the east side you will see vibrant retail and restaurants but on the west side, this is actually offices or this is held vacant until other offices comment. this is not acceptable and there's no way that we can make a good-faith effort in trying to revitalize an excuse, especially in an area that has been challenged over some decades. what this does is to correct the planning code now that redevelopments has ended in the western addition and synchronizes this area with the rest of the city's planning code so that this is prohibited -- prohibitive for a property owner to allow for storefront space to be used for a non retail business. it is time that we allow on the east and west side to benefit from this
, and also, the impact of japan is affecting the market. i would not have the authority to issue those bonds, so i will not be issuing them if the rates and upcoming higher than that tomorrow. supervisor chu: ok. ok, so, if i could, what i would suggest -- i think the supervisor farrell's point about going to market at an inopportune time is a good one. if i could have the office of public finance to circle back with the supervisor's office to talk about what the conditions of the markets look like and whether we anticipate going out to the market in a short while or whether it is something we expect to go out at a later time, the point about are getting the best bang for our buck and the best interest rate possible is a valid one. i'm comfortable with allowing the allocation and the appropriation to go forward at this moment so that you are able to take advantage of the market at any point in time, but i think that it is worthwhile to have that conversation with supervisor farrell's office in particular. would that be ok? >> sure. supervisor chu: do we have a motion to send this item forwar
that you don't like. we watched the devastating footage coming from japan. think -- i think many of us think about if we're prepared for our next earthquake. gerry founded the north beach resiliency initiative which is a neighborhood council bringing together associations, merchants and residents to prepare for our next disaster. the mayor and i spoke last week about how the north beach resiliency will likely be the next model here in san francisco in how we prepare for our next disaster. gerry, we all love you. thank you so much for all you've done for san francisco. [applause] >> like two of the previous speakers, i did not prepare remarks or i should say i didn't write a speech. but i wrote down some names and the names are other women whom i salute as leaders in san francisco all of whom are friends of mine. and i treasure them. they are definitely making history in many neighborhoods across san francisco. i would start off with debra garafalo who serves on the community police advisory board. also from russian hills my friend lucretia vowel who has been the promote tor and watchdo
high- speed rail. we have learned from all the technologies in germany and japan, they want to be partners and help california build high- speed rail. a hundred years ago, the chinese were building the railroads, now they want to help us build a high-speed rail in the state of california. that would be a great irony for us to celebrate. this is a historical movement that we are making. that is what i think president obama 4. that gave us the stage upon which we can promote our localities and i think that it will work. i think that these want a connection to the united states and they want to feel comfortable. the bay area is the comfort level that they can find. you will see chinese companies going back and forth. you can also help companies going to china to do their developments as well. >> this has to deal with scrap metal, automobiles, medical technology products. these are major exports and they like red wine, by the way. icy oakland as playing an important role in organizing the region. even maybe the country. when we were at the conference of mayors, all of these smal
to be implemented into the tenderloin and japan town areas, with no means to mitigate except, show we say, the good wishes of the planning staff, which track record is not very good. safety issues such as the 30- inch gas line, aluminum volatility contiguous to the franklin street site, must be resolved as an imminent public safety danger. if he would like to have a look at that, this issue makes the city and this commission complicit in promoting public safety liability. we could get sued for ignoring the issue. additionally, the master plan lacks emergency and disaster relief. the efforts of all city health providers need to pull sustainable resources. president tierney: thank you very much. we have your written testimony. >> thank you. >> i am lewis got -- lois scott. i have attended a number of the good neighbor coalition meetings. the tenderloin is adjacent to cathedral hill. both commissions face a challenging multi-location project. it is not just a regional destination new mega-hospital with a health marketing strategy. it also comprises a major health care institutional presence in our cit
earthquake that took place in japan late last week. the tsunami warning posted for california and sen for cisco, and the property at most risk for us was the marine a yacht harbor. we participated in a variety of city responses last friday. but for dissipating in the policy group that was activated from the department of emergency management, -- both for participating in the policy group that was activated from the department of emergency management, and i was part of the working team that was monitoring developments. we had a couple of swells that came through, but none of them work overly significant. there was no book damage, and appeared damage. we did lose two pilings due to one of the afternoon's wells, but the marine i got harbor's south was right there, including the general manager, who jumped on the workboat and help them work on the filing that had just been cut loose -- the marina yacht harbor's staff was right there. we came through the entire morning with no other damage, and given some of the other reports you have seen around the state and around the west coast, we far
in japan. the earthquake even affected the california coast and resulted in numerous loss of life. we see how important it is to have a strong trauma center and system as we live in the earthquake-prone bay area. i represent the thousands of dedicated physicians, nurses, administrators, and katie is caring for the patients at general hospital. i offer immense support that the members of the board of supervisors -- that would be all of you -- but have. i also thank you for voting yes on prop a to save general hospital, the heart of the city. we appreciate that. each day, i am proud that we will continue to provide care on the future of potrero hill. i have dedicated my life to providing care for injured patients in the community. i have discussed the impact violence has on our community in this form and others. we still have an epidemic of violence in our community that i see every day that has disproportionately affected african-american young people and people who live in the southeast part of san francisco hearing this week, the murders that took place for it to the fact that we still h
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 80 (some duplicates have been removed)